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Glossary of Terms

PIN-less Dialing Enabled:   PIN-less Dialing is a prepaid phonecard's ability to determine who you are by using the Caller ID information when you make telephone calls. PIN-less Dialing enabled phonecards then use this Caller ID number to determine your PIN number so that you don't have to key it in. A very handy feature indeed!

Connection Fee:  Some phonecards have what is called a "Connection Fee". The "Connection Fee" is charged to your prepaid phone card as soon as your call is connected. "Connection Fee" cards typically have a lower rate per minute than "Non-Connection Fee" cards. The general rule of thumb is "Connection Fee" cards are OK to purchase when you make long duration phone calls. In other words, the "Connection Fee" is averaged out over a long call and therefore, your net rate per minute may still be less than a "No Connection Fee" card. The connection fee can be as low as $0.50 and sometimes, as high as $1.50. If you intend to make one long phone call, and you know that the other party will be there, a prepaid phone card with a connection fee can be useful.

Expiration:  Most Prepaid PhoneCards have an expiration date. This date is determined by the first time that you use the phone card. For example, cards that have a 90 days expiration date and are first used on 7/1/2005, will expire 90 days from 7/1/2005 or 10/4/2005. Some cards do not have an expiration date and can be used indefinately.

Instant Delivery:  Prepaid PhoneCards can be delivered right to your screen as well as to your email address. When your order completes and your account has been verified, the PIN will be displayed right on your screen! It is that simple. Click here for an example.

Maintenance Fee:  A Maintenance fee will be deducted from your prepaid phone card as long as there is a balance. This fee affects the phone card only and will not be charged to your credit card. Some phone Cards charge a maintenance fee either when the first phone call is connected or after the first phone call is finished. This fee can vary and can be deducted from the phone card weekly,bi-weekly, or monthly.

Newly Released:  A Newly Released product on our site is one that has only recently been added and available for sale. Typically, we show this indicator "Newly Released" for 30 days. Rest assured though that "Newly Released" cards have been fully, reviewed and ready for your usage. We only carry products that we can stand behind.

Pay Phone Surcharge:  Payment for the use of a public pay-phone is required by FCC. For this reason, all Prepaid Phone Cards have a Payphone Surcharge. This charge can vary, and is usually between $0.50 and $1.00.

Rechargeable PIN:   A Rechargeable PIN can be replenished with funds so that it can be re-used again. This benefit of the Rechargeable PIN is that you don't have to buy a new PIN every time your PIN runs out of funds. Simply recharge the PIN and keep the same PIN number!

Per Minute Rounding:   Rounding is a term used to define how a phone call will be billed. For example, one minute rounding means a phone call will be billed in one minute increments. If you talked for just thirty seconds, one full minute would still be deducted from your prepaid phone card. Three minute rounding would imply three minutes would be deducted from your prepaid phone card even if you talked for one minute. Phone cards with higher minute rounding would better suit those intending to make long phone calls. Likewise, low minute rounding may suit those intending to make shorter calls.

Taxes:  Some phonecards have end of call "Taxes". The "Tax" is charged to your prepaid phone card as soon as your call has completed. For example: Say you talked on your phonecard for 50 minutes to Iraq and the call cost $10.00 and the card has an 18% end-of-call tax. Your phone call will have cost $11.80 ($10.00 + 18%). Cards with taxes typically have a lower rate per minute than Tax-free cards. The general rule of thumb is Taxable cards are best utilized when your last phone call is expected to be long phone call. Therefore, the Tax cannot be applied to your balance if your phone call uses the whole balance on the card.