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The PowerFINZ Affiliate/Referral Program

The PowerFINZ Affiliate/Referral Program summary:
The PowerFINZ Affiliate/Referral Program is one of the easiest ways to make money or FREE phonecards on the Internet. There is NO cost to join the PowerFINZ Program and there are NO minimums! That's right, we're commitment free, unlike many other Affiliate/Referral programs. The program offers a cash commission (including a residual if you prefer) to you for recommending NEW customers to®. As you recommend new customers to®, you make a percentage of their purchases as a commission. Members make "FINZ Points" that can be withdrawn as monthly commission checks, PayPal distributions OR even be used to purchase® products and services. We even offer commissions on WIRELESS CARDS! Most other sites do not offer this!

How Does it Work?
As a PowerFINZ Member you can either 1) recommend friends by email address; or 2)send traffic to® from your website(s) if you are a WebMaster (Click here for more details). Either way, when your referral makes a purchase, a percentage of their purchase amount is credited to your PowerFINZ account. For example: If you recommended 100 friends that each purchase $40.00 and if your commission base is 18%, you'd make a commission of $720.00! Simple as that! This amount can then be used to make a purchase; or if you choose, we'll mail you a check, on us, for FREE! We'll even credit your PayPal account.

What are the commission plans available?
We offer initial commissions plans that include a very attractive UP FRONT commission on first orders as well as a RESIDUAL for repeat purchases of clients you refer. You choose which plan is right for you.

Commission Plan Up Front Commission %* Residual Commission %*
Heavy Up-Front 18.000% 0.000%
Continuous Heavy Residual 11.000% 11.000%
* Subject to the Product Discount multiplier

We will also notify you when you are eligible for even higher commission levels to make more commissions. Log back in to your account and pick the next plan that is right for you. Change anytime. You decide. We want to reward you as you grow your business. We are proud to offer more lucrative Commission Tiers. Click here to see them now.

How do you get started?
If you are already a® client, Join PowerFINZ now for FREE
If you are not a® client yet, Register now for FREE

Are Wireless PhoneCards included?
YES! We offer commissions on just about EVERY product that we sell. Most other affiliate programs (including our competition) cannot make you such a lucrative offer. How can we? We have a Product Discount multiplier and they don't. This multiplier allows you to still make commissions on low margin products. Many wireless products are unfortunately low margin products...however, that doesn't stop us from letting you make money on these cards too though. Our in-house tech staff has really outdone themselves on this robust feature.

Can I make commissions on my own purchases?
Sorry, no. You can ONLY make commissions for NEW customers that you refer to®. This is not a rebate program. Please see our FINZ Rewards Program for rewards on your purchases.

Is this Program for me?
Yes, if 1)you are a WebMaster; or 2)have friends' email addresses that you want to refer. If you don't think you fit as a PowerFINZ Affiliate, you may consider our FINZ Rewards Program instead.


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