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PowerFINZ Affiliate/Referral Program - WebMasters

The PowerFINZ Affiliate/Referral Program - WebMasters:
In addition to the robust features and functionality of the PowerFINZ Affiliate/Referral Program, we offer you (for FREE), additional tools to optimize your links to®.

A Full and Comprehensive Product Catalog
This Product Catalog lists EVERY product that® offers commissions on; the Commissions that you earn for each referral; and subsequent commissions for each purchase thereafter that your referral makes. The Product Catalog includes HTML code for: 1)a link to the Product Details page; 2) An HTML link for the Image (We'll even host the image for FREE!); 3) Keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization); 4) Retail and Sale prices. Finally, this product catalog is Searchable! For example: You can list all products that you will earn a commission of $2.00 on the first order and $1.00 on each subsequent order! Very nice indeed!

A Full and Comprehensive Reports Wizard
This Reports Wizard allows you to slice and dice your referrals' purchases anyway to like. View your Commissions by: 1) Time period; 2) Product Line such as Wireless PhoneCards vs. Traditional Prepaid Phonecards; 3) Filtering on product keywords; 4) Commission Types (Initial vs. Residual). Great for analyzing if you are on the correct Commission Plan!. All in near Real-time!

A Private Labeled Site Image
Yes, we'll even allow you to Private Label the® website with your own image! Simply upload your image onto our server! Your logo will now appear on each and every page your referrals see. Private Labled!

General Site HTML Links
We've built a list of General Site HTML Links for you as well. Hits to the homepage, Product Line Search Boxes, etc.

Stale HTML Link Notification!
We've built in the functionality to analyze your traffic so that if you are sending us hits to the Product Details page of a discontinued product, we'll even email you real-time so that you can updated your site with the latest Product Details. We do not want you to miss out on any business. If you do, we do as well. To date, we've heard of no other Phone Card website that offers this versatility!

Automatic Commission Tier Upgrades!
Here is the best part! We've built in the functionality to automatically upgrade you to the next Commission Tier when you exceed the next Commission Tier's minimum threshold. We automatically move you (if necessary) to the correct Commission Tier at the beginning of the month based on the Retail Sales of the last 30-days. For example: If you are on the initial Commission Tier and then you exceed the next higher Tier's minimum Commission, we'll upgrade you for FREE! The opposite is true as well though, so please keep growing your business! We'll offer all of these tools are great products!

How do you get started?
If you are already a® client, Join PowerFINZ now for FREE
If you are not a® client yet, Register now for FREE

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