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WDN Communications S.A. (dba®)
Attn: Security Department
50th Street, Global Plaza Tower, 19th Floor, Suite 19-H
Panama City, Republic of Panama

1-800-427-0311 Mon to Fri 8-5 EST (email diligently checked off-hours)
1-904-212-0604 (fax)
RE: 0
For all requested account validations and security reasons we require the following. We cannot complete your purchase without the following information. Please read on.

Thank you helping us protect the security of your credit/debit card, checking account or PayPal account. Please print this and place your driver license, the BACK of your credit/debit card in the boxes provided below. If you prefer, you may black out your Driver License number. Then sign below and fax this page to us at 1-904-212-0604. Alternatively, if you have a digital camera or a scanner, you can email it to us at

This is just a one-time process, and this will not be required in the future. This information WILL NOT be shared or sold to any third party. However, if you issue a chargeback on any transactions that are initiated against your account,® is hereby released from any privacy restrictions and is hereby authorized to use any legal means necessary to collect lost goods, services, chargeback fees, legal fees and any other collection fees incurred while pursuing payment.

I, ___________________________ (name), hereby authorize® to bill my credit/debit card, checking account or PayPal account listed ___________________________ (credit/debit card number¹) for any charge(s) initiated by me through the website,, or via phone should I initiate the call. I understand providing this information confirms my purchases in accordance with the Electronic Signatures In Global and National Commerce Act.

______________________________ (SIGNATURE)

______________________________ (PLEASE PRINT NAME)
______03/23/2018 12:08 AM_____    (DATED)
Drivers License   Credit/Debit Card
¹Please note: If you are using a PayPal account, please provide the credit/debit card number that you use to fund your PayPal account.