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International Calling Cards

Using Prepaid Phone Cards for your International Calls can save you a lot of money. If you just picked up your phone and dialed internationally using your long distance phone services, you would probably pay ten to twenty times as much than if you made the call using an International Calling Card.

Our international calling cards are not charged to your home phone bill. Therefore, you don't have to pay those crazy taxes. Have you taken a look at your home phone bill lately? When you factor in all of those obscure FCC Authorized change for network access, Federal Universal Service Charge, Federal Excise Tax, State Communication Taxes, Regulatory taxes, etc..., you've payed WAY too much for your calls.

PhoneShark is proud to offer Calling Cards that have competitive rates without hidden fees and NO charged to your home phone bill.

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United Kingdom International Calling Cards  U.K. 1.8¢ 9h 15m
Hungary Prepaid Phone Cards  Hungary 1.8¢ 9h 15m
Canada Prepaid International Calling Cards  Canada 1.3¢ 12h 49m
USA-Continental International Phone Cards  USA-Cont 0.9¢ 18h 31m
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