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Long Distance Calling Card

The page you are viewing is for Phone Cards to place long distance or International calling. The savings generated using our phone cards as opposed to your normal long distance carrier is hefty and speaks for itself! You can also use just ONE pin number for all of your Long distance and International calls.
PS: DID YOU KNOW...Our phonecards call to EVERY COUNTRY in the world? It's true, JUST 1 phonecard for ANY country!
Please note...These product will NOT recharge your prepaid CELL PHONE. If you are looking to recharge/add minutes to your Wireless/Cellular Phone click here!

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USA Calling To Rate Min on $10
Ghana International Calling Cards  Ghana 8.3¢ 2h
USA-Continental Prepaid Phone Cards  USA-Cont 0.9¢ 18h 31m
Iran - Cellular Prepaid International Calling Cards  Iran-Cel 6.1¢ 2h 43m
U K - Cellular International Phone Cards  U K-Cell 2.8¢ 5h 57m
Philippines - Cellular Prepaid Calling Cards  Phlpns-Cel 9.9¢ 1h 41m
Guatemala Cheap International Calling Cards  Guatmal 6.6¢ 2h 31m
Bahamas Long Distance Calling Cards  Bahama 4.7¢ 3h 32m
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Long Distance Calling Card - Receive a prepaid Long Distance Calling Card delivered Instantly via email! All major brand prepaid phone cards with hundreds to choose from! Compare all the rates available with the search box above.

Why Long Distance Calling Card?
Long Distance Calling Card Prepaid phonecards allow someone to use long distance calling with no credit check, no contract and on a "pay as you go" basis. You simply dial a toll-free access number, enter your "Pin Number", then the area code and number you wish to call. As you make calls the rate per minute is "debited" from your remaining balance. Once purchased, your phone card is activated and you can use your instant phone card immediately. This saves you time and money. You can use your phone card from work and home, anywhere there is a touch-tone phone, it's long distance you take with you!

How can I get an Instant Phone card from®?:
You can get your Phone card easily and securely through®. Once your order has been processed through a real-time request, you can instantly print your phonecard and start calling. You will also receive a copy of your phonecard via email. Your Instant phonecard receipt and purchase information will be contained inside the email. Your dialing instructions and service numbers will also be email to facilitate your phonecard use. At anytime you can return to® and "Rebuild Last Order" or view all of your past orders in "My Billing Account".


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