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Europe East and West
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Europe East and West

Europe East and West

Europe East and West
From To Rate per
Minutes Connect
Rate per
Minutes Connect
Rate per
Minutes Connect
USA-Continental Kazakhstan 10.2¢ 1h 30m $0.00 11.3¢ 44m $0.00 10.2¢ 3h 45m $0.00
USA-Continental ---Kazakhstan - Cellular 15.5¢ 59m $0.00 17.2¢ 29m $0.00 15.4¢ 2h 29m $0.00
USA-Continental Kenya 45.9¢ 20m $0.00 49.9¢ 10m $0.00 44.1¢ 52m $0.00
USA-Continental ------Nairobi 45.9¢ 20m $0.00 49.9¢ 10m $0.00 44.1¢ 52m $0.00
USA-Continental ---Kenya - Cellular 50.9¢ 18m $0.00 55.4¢ 9m $0.00 48.8¢ 47m $0.00
USA-Continental Kyrgyzstan 9.1¢ 1h 41m $0.00 10¢ 50m $0.00 4h 15m $0.00
USA-Continental ---Kyrgyzstan - Cellular 11.8¢ 1h 18m $0.00 13.1¢ 38m $0.00 11.8¢ 3h 15m $0.00
USA-Continental Kiribati 114.6¢ 8m $0.00 124.8¢ 4m $0.00 109.1¢ 21m $0.00
USA-Continental ---Kiribati - Cellular 114.6¢ 8m $0.00 124.8¢ 4m $0.00 114.6¢ 20m $0.00
USA-Continental Korea (North) 83.4¢ 11m $0.00 99.8¢ 5m $0.00 84.9¢ 27m $0.00
USA-Continental ---Korea (North) - Cellular 91.7¢ 10m $0.00 99.8¢ 5m $0.00 88.2¢ 26m $0.00
USA-Continental Korea (South) 8.3¢ 1h 51m $0.00 9.1¢ 55m $0.00 8.3¢ 4h 37m $0.00
USA-Continental ---Korea (South) - Cellular 24.1¢ 38m $0.00 26.3¢ 19m $0.00 23.9¢ 1h 36m $0.00
USA-Continental Kuwait 26.2¢ 35m $0.00 29.4¢ 17m $0.00 25.8¢ 1h 29m $0.00
USA-Continental ---Kuwait - Cellular 34¢ 27m $0.00 38.4¢ 13m $0.00 33.2¢ 1h 9m $0.00
Delivered INSTANTLY to your screen! What does this term mean?

Europe East and West product features for all denominations
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Your prepaid phonecard will be emailed to you in seconds! Start calling instantly! Have peace of mind calling all of Europe with our new and improved of Europe East and West from Nobeltel. This product has always been a winner with customers, and now with better, more competitive rates, the Europe East West Cars will definitely please everyone. Noblecom cards have been selling on this site for years and years with great customer satisfaction and repeat sales. Low rates and solid customer service have kept this Nobelcom brand as one of the most recommended providers.
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Step 1. Dial the access phone number listed under the heading 'Phone Numbers'.
Step 2. Enter the PIN Number.
Step 3a. For domestic calls: dial area code + phone number
Step 3b. For international calls: dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number
Product Terms:
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Maintenance Fee: $0.69 assessed after 1st call, then Wkly thereafter.
Expiration: 90 days from first use.
Domestic USA Rounding: 1 Minute
International Rounding: 3 Minute
Customer Rating: 5 out of 5
PayPhone Fee: $0.99/call
Taxes and other surcharges may apply.

No refunds for lost or stolen cards.

Card has no surrender value.

International calls terminating to cellular phones may be charged at a much higher rate than what is listed, unless otherwise indicated with a specific rate.

All rates are subject to change without notice.

If for any reason you experience difficulties with your card please call customer service.
Phone Numbers:
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Toll-Free Phone #
1(800)367-9241 in USA-Continental for English Access Number/Numero Espanol del Acceso

Technical Support/Customer Service Phone #
1(888)662-3506 in Florida for Technical Support/Ayuda Técnica
International Rates:
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See international rates to countries starting with the letter: A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P    Q    R    S    T    U    V    W    X    Y    Z
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Delivered INSTANTLY to your screen! What does this term mean?

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